Alexander Technique Teacher, Mara SokloskyI began experiencing chronic back trouble as an adolescent due to scoliosis. After chiropractors and movement therapists provided only temporary relief, my mother heard about the American Center for the Alexander Technique in Manhattan. She and I started having lessons there in the mid-sixties.

I was so impressed with the Alexander principles that I decided, after graduating as a dance and theater major from the University of Wisconsin, to pursue Alexander work as my career goal. In 1977, I went to London to do a three-year training program at the School for Alexander Studies. Although my back trouble disappeared by the end of my training, I came to appreciate other benefits of the Technique when faced with the challenges of parenting and the many other stressors of adulthood.

As a result of my interest in the link between the Alexander Technique and the medical community, I have lectured on the Technique at a variety of medical settings such as Massachusetts General Hospital, New England Rehabilitation Hospital, Tufts Dental School,  Providence’s Miriam Hospital and Mt. Sinai Medical School.   I’ve also taught group classes and workshops at the New England Conservatory of Music, Wellesley College, Brown University, Providence College, Rhode Island College, Jewish Theological Seminary and Eileen Fisher Corporate Office.

After active practices in Boston, St. Paul, and Providence, my husband and I took the empty-nest plunge and moved to New York City. I currently maintain a private practice on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. As well as English, I am comfortable giving Alexander lessons in French, Spanish or Yiddish.