Mara Sokolsky


  • Do you have a sore back at the end of your workday?
  • Do your neck and shoulders feel tight?
  • Are long hours at the computer affecting your energy level?

Learn how to survive the workday comfortably with the Alexander Technique

Wellness in the Workplace:
The Alexander Technique

Ergonomic chairs and standing desks are a step in the right direction. However, they don’t solve everything. The Alexander Technique looks at the role that posture plays in sitting, standing, bending and reaching. Since the 1930’s, Alexander practitioners have been helping their clients to sit and stand better, move more easily, and eliminate unconscious habits of tension that contribute to fatigue and pain.

The Alexander Technique was rated the #1 source for continual relief from back pain according to the British Medical Journal. It helps train employees in healthy physical work habits which tend to increase productivity and well-being, while decreasing absenteeism and work-related injuries.


A sampling of companies and organizations that incorporate Alexander Technique training:

Mara has helped me over a period of three years to change habits of contracting my body. Not only have lessons been a pleasure, but the effects of her work have been far-reaching: I am moving easier, and also enjoying a more positive outlook and greater patience and poise in a variety of circumstances.
— Loren S., IT Professional

The Alexander Technique teaches people how to best use their bodies in everyday activities to avoid unnecessary physical stress linked to pain and discomfort. It gently releases tight muscles, improves posture and guides people in how to perform everyday activities with less strain. In the workplace, the Technique can help employees tolerate long hours at the computer, identify the cause of many repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and alleviate some of the fatigue and stress that can accumulate in a workday.

Options for Corporate Applications:

  • A one-session introductory workshop to get employees acquainted with the benefits of the Alexander Technique.

  • Six-week renewable blocks of weekly on-site 30-minute sessions including an ergonomic assessment at the employee’s workstation.

  • Company-sponsored full private Alexander lessons (50 minutes) at my Upper East Side office.

  • Other options are available upon request.