Who Can Benefit?

People of all ages and abilities study the Alexander Technique to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve posture and enhance performance. Examples include:

  • performing artists (singers, dancers, actors, musicians)
  • people with chronic or recurrent back pain
  • older people with balance issues
  • people with neck and shoulder pain
  • people interested in improving posture
  • public speakers
  • people wanting greater flexibility
  • amateur and professional athletes
  • parents carrying young children, lifting groceries
  • teenagers with posture issues 
  • computer users with hand, arm or back pain
  • people who are physically uncomfortable due to stress, postural habits, muscular or joint pain, movement problems or injuries
  • dentists, nurses, and other health care providers who stand for long periods of time
  • martial artists and people practicing yoga
  • people interested in health prevention, wellness and self-care

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