The Alexander Technique is an intelligent way to navigate various movement, postural and injury-related problems that can cause chronic pain and stress. Most of us have habitual patterns of tension, learned both consciously and unconsciously. During lessons, these patterns can be unlearned. This enables the possibility of new choices in posture, movement and reaction, resulting in greater ease and well-being.

I typically give 50-minute private Alexander lessons. People come once or twice a week for these hands-on learning sessions.  You remain clothed at all times and no special clothing is needed.

There are two parts to a lesson: activity work and table work. During activity work, you will practice standing in a balanced way, be guided in and out of a chair, and do some walking, bending and/or lifting. You might also practice some activities particular to you, such as working at a computer, playing an instrument, talking on your cellphone, sitting at a meeting, holding a baby, singing or weight training. You will learn how to reduce tension and effort in these activities, while increasing an overall sense of comfort.

During table work, you will lie on a lightly padded table on your back, with your knees bent. I will gently move your limbs around and free up your head and neck. You don’t need to help in any muscular way; your only job is to pay attention to undoing any tightness and to watching your breathing deepen and your nervous system get quiet.

Throughout both parts of the lesson, you learn to let go of unwanted and unconscious stiffening (tension) and to think the Alexander thoughts that encourage ease, openness, and length along the spine.

Special Pricing:  Ask about discounts for multiple sessions and discounts for students and “starving artists”

Office hours:  After 9 am, Monday through Friday – some evening slots available.